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Developing the bison as a 3D character for “Slow”

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One of the main 3D character of my short animation film “Slow” is a bison.

To prepare myself, I first studied the bison in the zoo. Especially their movements and behavior.

Then I started developing the 3D model of the bison in Cinema 4D.

3D model of a bison - 3D character

Step by step to a 3D character

In the first step I created the mesh for the bison. I built the mesh from scratch so that I was able to set the edge loops so that they work fine with my rig.

Rigging & Weighting
The next step was to rig and weight the bison.
I created a walk cycle. I orientated myself on the movement patterns of the real bison.

I added the details with the Sculpt Tool from Cinema 4D. Now I could bake the details in a normal map, so that I could finally use them in the mesh I created. I textured the bison in BodyPaint.

A key feature for the bison is the fur. Cinema 4D has the hair module for this. Hair enables an individual design of fur and hair up to hairstyles. The fur of the bison behaves differently in relation to the head, legs and body. Maps, which control these properties via grayscale, are one way of modeling the hair properties.

The finished 3D bison

Now the 3D character of the bison is ready to be animated.

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